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Letter by Hon'ble S. C. Sah (Rtd) Biology Teacher

To 3rd Nov 2012 The Old Boys AssociationSt Josephs CollegeNainital Dear Ranvir,Words fail me when I look-up to the wonderful gentlemen of SEM who, at one time were my students. You have been very kind to ask me attend this function and it was more of a surprise to my family and me when along with Mr P. L. Shah and Mrs Tahir I was felicitated and I sincerely laud this gesture. My colleagues would also stand by me in saying that.It was on 23rd of March 1966 when I took up my appointment as the Senior Biology Teacher in St Joseph's College Nainital. Bro J N Foley was the Principal and what a fine gentleman he was and a better person by heart. He was very stern and yet very soft and always there for all teachers and students alike. When I look back into the thirty years that I taught as a regular teacher in SEM it is no doubt this period was the finest chapter of my life. Although I had few students per class studying Biology, I am proud to say that over seventy of them have become Doctors and taken up the Medical Profession and are practicing and caring for the ill all over and acclaimed by the world. Others have gone about and got their Specialized Doctorates. Yes I am proud of them! Each one of them indeed! I wish them all a Happy and bright successful career and peace of mind.I am really thankful and I commend the Old Boys Association for their role that they are playing in keeping all of us bound and united and recognizing the efforts of Teachers and really caring for us during the retired and later parts of our lives when we all need to think of the younger days and the very thought of our better days that keeps us fit and fighting. The Old Boys Association has really kept up with the motto of SEM "Certa Bonum Certamen."Thanks once again to Ranvir and his Team for the enthusiasm that you have built up and may God be with You always!Best WishesS. C. Sah (Rtd.)Biology TeacherSt. Joseph's CollegeNainital