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Harish Tewari, President OBA met the Principal, Br.Hector Pinto to discuss two matters as pointed out by Br.Pinto in the AGM, A)Covering of the swimming pool B)Renewal of the lease of Sem Boat House.

Sem Annual Sports Day, 1895 This picture takes us back 125years. Be it then or now the Glory of the Sports Day at sem has never been less. Picture Credit: Harish Tewari

We just got the sad news of the demise of our Beloved Teacher, Mr.S.C.Sah. Sir was not well and was undergoing treatment since some time in Haldwani. He passed away today morning. As Shared By Anand

SEMOBA Congratulates Shailendra Lal, Sem 1985 ( Addl.Superintendent of Police) for the Prestigious Silver Police Medal for his exemplary services.

The Requiem Mass of Rev Br Cedryle Gregory Fernandes will take place on Tuesday, 12th January at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, New Delhi at 11:00 am followed by the Funeral at The York Cemetery, Khan

The Empty Lush Fields and the Quadrangle is waiting eagerly for Semites . This year they have been unable to witness any action Photo Credit Br. Hector Pinto

Just gazing at the beautiful castle, We call the good old sem, is enough to send us down the Memory Lane filled with nostalgia We would like to thank Br.Hector Pinto for the fabulous picture

Gauri Rana our own ex semite and member of SEMOBA has done us proud by his selfless service for the protection of the environment. He has been single handedly responsible for the reforestation of thou

"I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently?" Sharing some pictures of our beloved Nainital and Good Old Sem, captured by Br.Pinto, and Semites, Michael Beanland an

Renovation of physics and chemistry labs is on full swing to ensure the new session sem has the renovated labs. Picture Credit Br Hector Pinto